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During the horror of the Nazi Holocaust, European Jewish families were torn apart. Childhood became a time of fear and a struggle for survival.

After the war, a group of young Jewish orphans immigrated to Canada from the devastation of Europe as part of the War Orphans Project. Using their own words and artifacts, this virtual exhibit tells the story of the orphans' courage and resilience and of the tireless efforts of the people who helped them.

It is as much a story about the present as it is about the past. It is a warning against human indifference and the inaction of the world. Over half of the world's more than 20 million refugees are children.
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The Site consists of three sections.

The Orphans' Stories
Roll your cursor over the portraits on the top of the screen to see the names of the war crphans. Clicking on a portrait opens an orphan's story. Each of the stories contains many pages of screen text and subscreens that present personal artifacts, as well as audio and video comments by the orphans themselves.

Found on the lefthand menu, the Themes describe the historical context of the war orphans' stories. Each section also presents artifacts that illuminate the personal impact of historical events. Most of the artifacts come from the war orphans.

Learning Resources
This section also appears on the left. Teachers, students, and interested visitors will find the material here useful for their further study of the lives and times of the war orphans. Most can be printed for classroom or personal use.

For the most complete use of the site, download these applications:
Quicktime, Acrobat Reader and Flash.

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