Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony was developed as part of the VHEC’s Survivor Testimony Project: Preservation, Access and Pedagogical Use.

The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (VHEC) gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada, with additional support provided by the Azrieli Foundation.

Text and materials developed by Dr. Andrea Webb (University of British Columbia), with Dr. Ilona Shulman Spaar (Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre). Thanks to Meghan Shields and Illene Yu for their support.

Design by Walden Media Group.

The VHEC wishes to thank the subject experts who contributed to the project: Dr. Peter Seixas (University of British Columbia), Dr. Ashley Welsh (University of British Columbia), Kit Krieger and Tom Morton.

Our thanks to the following teachers for their input: Eyal Daniel, Mark Figuera, Jonathan Friedrichs, Jinny St. Hilaire, Jennifer Mansour, Vincent Martin, Anna-Mae Wiesenthal, Christopher Vytasek.

Thanks to Gurdeep Bhalru and Caitlin Nelson, who contributed to the project as part of the Community Field Experience initiative of the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Education.

Additional thanks to Dr. Adara Goldberg, Pat Johnson and Tim McKay.

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