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Canadian journalist Matthew H. Halton reported firsthand on Nazi racial ideology and policies evident on the streets of Germany. Halton was one of Canada’s most respected international affairs reporters during the Great Depression and the Second World War. His articles for the Toronto Daily Star were widely read and often reprinted in newspapers across the country. Halton visited Germany twice in 1933. After his second visit, he wrote a series of 27 articles on the Nazification of Germany.

His observations, published in the Toronto Daily Star on March 30, 1933, include:

I saw a parade of hundreds of children, between the ages of seven and sixteen, carrying the swastika and shouting at intervals, ‘The Jews must be destroyed.’ ”

The least that a Jew in Germany can suffer today for the crime of being a Jew is the loss of the ordinary rights of citizenship. What else is in store for them, apart from what the history of this year has already recorded, will soon be known.”

Halton & wife in Berlin

Matthew Halton and his wife, Jean Halton, in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1933.

Collection of David Halton

Toronto Daily Star ad for Halton articles

The Toronto Daily Star advertises Halton’s series of articles, October 18, 1933.

Toronto Daily Star