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50 - 950 West 41st Ave,
Vancouver BC, V5Z 2N7 Canada

P: 604.264.0499
F: 604.264.0497
E: info@vhec.org



The VHEC is engaged in a major Renewal Project that will significantly improve visitor experience and access to our collections.

The VHEC Renewal Project will cause some interruption of activities at the Centre beginning in July 2017.

While there will be no exhibition and no class visits to the Centre during the summer and fall months, most aspects of the Centre’s important work will continue uninterrupted.

  • Symposia programs and Outreach Speakers will be scheduled as usual

  • Classroom workshops will be offered to schools in the fall, with details forthcoming

  • Educational resources, including teacher's guides, discovery kits and classroom book sets, will continue to be available
  • Commemorative programs, including the High Holidays Cemetery Service and the Kristallnacht Commemorative Lecture, will proceed

  • Donations to the archives will continue to be accepted by appointment only

  • The library will be closed during the Renewal Project period and outstanding loans are requested to be returned

  • Tribute cards will continue to be sent to mark special occasions and condolences
Further details about the Renewal Project here.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Jewish Community Foundation.


Please check back here, at the VHEC website, for ongoing updates on the Renewal Project, as well as any news affecting programs or meetings, or contact info@vhec.org or call 604.264.0499 with any questions.



Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony

More than 70 years after the Holocaust, eyewitness testimonies are assuming increasingly central roles in Holocaust education and remembrance. The VHEC strives to create opportunities for students to interact with Holocaust survivors’ accounts of persecution, loss, and survival – their primary voices. In order to advance that mission, the VHEC is launching its new web-based pedagogical resource, Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony, funded by the Government of Canada.

Primary Voices provides access to excerpts of testimonies in the VHEC’s collection, along with associated activities and prompts, for discussion and reflection for secondary school students. Through the site, educators and students can engage with Holocaust testimony in a lesson, within a larger unit, or as part of an independent research project.

The lessons provided on Primary Voices are clustered into themes that are linked to testimonies in the VHEC’s collection, as well as to topics of particular relevance to the history of the Holocaust and the B.C. provincial curriculum. Each theme is divided into three sets of lessons – Now, Next, and Beyond — to facilitate increasing levels of engagement with the testimonies amongst students and to foster the inquiry-based, personalized, and technology-enhanced approaches central to the new B.C. curriculum and 21st Century Learning.

Visit the Primary Voices website here




Your membership in the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre matters. Because of you, thousands of students will learn about the Holocaust, social justice and human rights this year.


PROVIDES opportunities for teachers, students and the broader public to engage with the history of the Holocaust and its relevance for the present day.

INSPIRES young people to become advocates for social justice and human rights for all.

ENSURES that Holocaust survivors are honoured and cared for and that their experiences of survival and loss are remembered.

Please renew your membership or join
the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre today.

Call the VHEC at 604.264.0499 or donate safely online

If you have already contributed, we thank you for your participation and generosity.



Please be advised the VHEC Archives will be closed to research requests until December 31st, 2017 as our staff work to facilitate better access to the Centre's collections.

Thank you for your understanding and our apologies for any inconvenience.